A letter from my bed

Dear Midnight,

I write to you from bed;
a special place of sweat and twisted bedsheets,
nested deep
between awake and dreams.

I know you’re busy spreading sand
on others more deserving,
but please dear night, I pledge to you.
Please listen.

My pillow is regrets of tasks I’ve failed to do —
it’s spreadsheets, documents unread, mails
unanswered and a praise untold.

I know you
darkness well, I’ve heard you many times before;
your voice is scorn, a lecture:

“Repent, repent your day’s been spent
procrastinating, lazy, lazy you”

I know you’re right but please
dear night;
just bring me sleep, and I will powerpoint
tomorrow twice as hard.
I promise I will spreadsheet, document and
cease to Instagram.

Just bring forgetfulness and
let me sleep till dawn,

forever yours…

Today I host dVerse MTB and want you to write poetry in the form of a letter. The only requirements are, it should be addressed to someone, it should be written from a specific place, and you should have something to tell the recipient.

March 1, 2018

24 responses to “A letter from my bed

  1. A wonderful letter to Midnight, Bjorn! I imagined you sitting in bed with a nightcap on your head, writing this letter poem with a quill!
    I love the lines:
    ‘nested deep
    between awake and dreams’;
    ‘My pillow is regrets of tasks I’ve failed to do’;
    ‘I know you
    darkness well, I’ve heard you many times before;
    your voice is scorn, a lecture’.

  2. What a wonderful and amazing letter to Midnight. So much to regret, so many promises made if only, sleep will come! Been there, done that. The 4th stanza really gets me….so very true of us insominiacs.

  3. What a cool idea to write to “Midnight.” That was really creative.

    Love this line break: “it’s spreadsheets, documents unread, mails”

    And this one:
    “I know you
    darkness well” … Because it makes me ponder the idea of a “darkness-well” being a thing … that you also know well.

    This is my favorite part:
    “just bring me sleep, and I will powerpoint
    tomorrow twice as hard” … The idea of powerpointing tomorrow is pretty awesome.

  4. Wow, I love the letter Bjorn ~ Bring us sleep and forgetfulness very soon! Was grinning at that part of I will powerpoint tomorrow and cease to Instagram…ha..ha..

  5. Oh, I love this letter! I had insomnia tonight so was wishing sleep would come and when I read this, I felt I know this feeling so well! You did a great job of capturing insomnia and the way we bargain the night away

  6. It can be an endless circle of insomnia, procrastination, unfinished business and fatigue. I can definitely relate! I like the idea of writing to midnight, if only time would listen to our woes.

  7. I think everyone can relate to this, Björn. A very creative letter!
    I don’t often have this problem, but it is so difficult when you’re lying there awake thinking of all the things you should have done and still need to do. Somehow everything thing seems more urgent and extreme in the middle of the night.

  8. I relate to this so much – I was with you in your desperate sleepless twisting.
    I read recently that writing a ‘to-do’ list for the following day before bed helps people get to sleep more quickly as the mind/ person knows what it has to do so ruminates and worries less. Worth a try?

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