Paradise sold

When paradise was sold to the highest bidder,
the gates were raised for most
lacking funds to pay the member’s fee.

When gospels have been changed to rules
allowing liars, charlatans and bigamist a membership,
but locking out the rest.

When walls were raised we still could watch them
playing games,
      the paradise is lost.

Circus, Budapest, 19 May 1920
Andre Kersetz

This is for Kerry at toads giving us this wonderful photo. I also link up to hedge’s 55.

February 3, 2018

24 responses to “Paradise sold

  1. Yes, I often feel like most of us are on the outside looking in at a (very questionable and particular) form of paradise…but as Victor Hugo said, “The paradise of the rich is made from the hell of the poor..” this seems to point that out in spades. Thanks for adding your 55 to the pile, Bjorn.

  2. Bravo! This is what I like the most about the photo challenge – the unique voice, the out of the box view.
    Thanks, friend.

  3. I echo Joy’s thoughts as I find myself on the outside looking in often of late…
    It would seem demographically that now ancient, I have no value, only perceived cost…
    The walls are indeed higher and the gates are closing…
    Anna :o]

  4. I really enjoyed this view of being on the outside looking in on the distortion of paradise sold

    Have a good Saturday Björn


  5. perhaps the problem lies in who gets to define paradise?

    as it stands, the view and rules, not to mention the perspective is entirely skewed. And maybe I should consider adding skewered to the mix.

    great ideas expressed here for the prompts Bjorn 🙂

  6. Yes, for sure the gospels seem to have changed since I learned them in sunday school. It seems the charlatans are leading the charade, and the masses march behind.

  7. And so the powers that be would have us looking through a hole in the fence, or “wall” as the case may be. When will they ever learn that walls don’t work and that no amount of money in the world will actually get you a front row seat beyond the gates. We cannot compromise who we are, when we do we are no better than those liars, charlatans and bigamists. You have nailed this moment in time we live in, sadder for us.

  8. What a brilliant poem illustrating our world today. Hopefully paradise will not be like that but still very difficult to enter by those that wave credits cards and cash finding that automatically bans them entrance!

  9. The fantasy is shaped by the writer;the speaker.It is the way in which the road to fantasy is paved that, in the history unchanged, is unkind and, I dare say, cruel.

  10. Agh. I have a hard time thinking it is paradise if sold to the highest bidder! But your metaphor is really well carried through and certainly does resonate, thanks, Bjorn. k.

  11. The phrase “only the demons live in heaven hell’s fires are burning hotter” comes to mind. I want your poem not to be history made poetry. But lying to myself won’t help anyone.

  12. Watching the walls…makes me think of trumps wall he keeps yammering about. Paradise lost is paradise sold in this instance. Excellent take on the prompt.

  13. I don’t really like this poem. Bad energy. But I appreciate your skill, and certainly it’s written well. I just favor positive energy and feel-good poetry.

    The last line, because of the indentation, I read as “the pair of dice is lost,” which also fits with the “games” theme. It actually makes me picture the watchers grabbing the dice when they are (accidentally) thrown (away).

  14. Paradise sold, bad news it sounds like. No longer exclusive at all. Bring a stool, watch over the fence with the commoners.

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