Falling asleep (finally)

The blood-moon bleeds its hues on grass this night
and far the way a screech-owl hails my night.

She sleeps beside me with her moon of dreams
her silver breath is paced with mine tonight.

Against the mousseline curtains shadows stalks
me in my hunt for sleep this, my undreamed night

Oh Luna — you who sees my shame, whose eyes
are hollows for my skinless pain, drown my night.

She beside me stirs and her naked arm extends,
and pulls me close; she pillows me from night.

I feel her heartbeats, sense her blood and skin,
we merge, we dream as one, we blend with night.

The blood-moon sighs and hides behind a cloud,
a fox keeps watch; we sleep and bear the night.

We are writing ghazals tonight at dVerse. Paul is hosting, come and join us at 3 PM EST.

February 18, 2018

24 responses to “Falling asleep (finally)

  1. This is a really beautifully crafted ghazal Bjorn. It gave me goosebumps. Such a lilting flow and so many different ways to be with the night and all under the blood blue moon. Thanks for this blessing.

  2. stellar and absolute shining lunar brilliancy – in all aspects – from the sublime, to the sensual – and the darkness – for there must always be a taste of the darkness when drawing down the moon ….

  3. i feel so much comfort from the moon in your night and the body that offers as well as receives warmth. better than a lullaby, this poem has me in a safe place.

  4. I don’t like ghazals at all, but I can appreciate the imagery.

    I do really like this: “Against the mousseline curtains” and Stanzas 4, 5, and 6.

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