Have you walked at night
through endless labyrinths
of mirrors, guided
by a sleight of hand?

Can you recognize deceit
from made up sorcerers?
Do you think infinity exists
anywhere except in dreams?

Is your purpose anything
but a solid concrete wall
behind the looking glass?

Maybe goals is not what
matters, but how we walk —

Deception by Erte

Today I host Poetics at dVerse and the topic is mirrors. Totally open… but I provide you with some inspirational questions.

20 responses to “Barefoot

  1. I think this might be related to a myth about bears and magic. I feel like there’s a story I should know here. I’m going to research bear myths.

  2. Perfectly clever in the questioning and answers – although if reflected, then everything is opposite to what we read and perceive! left is right and right is what’s left – behind, and of course, naturally – barefoot! 🙂

    Amazing art work too – you always find the most intriguing images.

  3. kaykuala

    but a solid concrete wall
    behind the looking glass?

    One often gets stifled by unyielding obstacles which were not seen but presented surprises.


  4. It is a scary prospect – being surrounded by mirrors, on the one hand, being guided by deceit on the other. Where does a soul turn for relief?

  5. Interesting questions and artwork. My granddaughters take off their shoes outdoors and I growl… then say, “Not that kind of bear foot.” 🙂

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