Only fiftyseven

Tick the box for yet a year
cheer for all the new beginnings;
sing the things for all that’s over
slur intoxicated; dance
and don’t look back for my forgiveness.
Mess you hair and pout your lips;
sip champagne; It’s all on me.
See — it’s only once I’m fiftyseven
Enjoy yourself, don’t look ahead.

Celebration by Philip Guston

A little silly poem for Angie at toads. Next week it’s my birthday so I thought this would fit the prompt. This is also 55 words so I link up to hedge’s 55.

16 responses to “Only fiftyseven

  1. Ah, to be 57 again! You capture the spirit of that fleeting time well, Bjorn. What fun can you have anyway if you don’t mess your hair? Thanks for doing it in 55, and have a kickass weekend(and birthday.)

  2. Every birthday should be it’s own joy. I hope you party just the way you like it for yours. Do take pictures–messy hair should be shared.

    Now I have an intense need to sing this poem.

  3. Thanks for your 57 cents Bjorn:) Your response was so cute and by paring it down to 55 words was perfect. that art too! I like that you warn us to not look ahead. that’s good advice. today has enough (trouble) of its own. So happy birthday to you…so many men in my life having birthdays right about now. Hip hip hooray. Thanks for playing

  4. Thing about birthdays, I luv each one a little better. So i’m not looking back to 57 i’m looking ahead to Feb11th.

    thanks for dropping by my blog Bjorn

    much love…

  5. I hope you celebrate your birthday as much as your poem does, if not more. It just wouldn’t do for your verse to be better than you. Plus for your best to be worse!

  6. Nearly fifty-seven (!), you young thing you – it’s not right!
    Remember that on your birthday, you are only one day older than the day before – not one year, one day.
    Love your little silly poem and Happy Birthday for next week.
    Anna :o]

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