In the shadows by the lake I wandered
wondered why the water hemlock’s scent
sent waves of crimson sweetness through my veins,
bane of summer (her) wants me to be prepared,
dare me: “end it here, with me, where dusk is deep”
weep with me — you shadow keeper
you, sweet hemlock lady let me sleep.

Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A second poem for my poisonous plant prompt at dVerse.

13 responses to “Hemlocked

  1. ^ Yes, what she said. That wandered/wondered/water juxtaposition is fabulous.

    Love this: “bane of summer (her) wants”

    dare me: “end it here, with me, where dusk is deep”

    And I love the nicknames, “sweet shadow keeper” and “sweet hemlock lady.” How scary-beautiful.

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  3. And again: an awesome job on the prompt. ‘“end it here, with me, where dusk is deep” … dark and powerful … the kind of line that prickles. And of course, the title is brilliant.

  4. The ladies in each of your entries are lethal, Bjorn! I enjoyed this write as much as the last!

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