This is just to say

I have poured out
the rye
you had saved
on the counter

cause when
you are befuddled
to eat up the plums

I had saved
for my breakfast
you better
stay sober a while

Basket of plums by Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin

Brendan asks us to write to the ghosts, in response to a poem at toads. I decided to give a response to WCW who stole the delicious plums from someone. I will also link up on Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

January 20, 2018

35 responses to “This is just to say

  1. I so enjoy hearing you read your poetry as well as reading your ‘juicy’ words and this brief piece has a lot of heart and soul.

  2. Oh this is clever, Bjorn! I have written poems in response to that poem as well….but yours definitely ‘takes the cake.’ Made me smile!!

  3. You pour my rye on the counter, you better believe I’ll lick up every last drop.

    Brilliant line breaks, sugar plum.

  4. kaykuala

    Plums desired and subsequently devoured – a logical conclusion. Love the humor Bjorn!


  5. This is a treat – the kind of poem that writes its own backstory, in your mind. And once again, I very much enjoyed your reading.

  6. This is a great response to the William Carlos Williams poem!
    i remembered, when i was a member at an online poetry forum, we had a go at this poem, and some of the responses were really wicked. 🙂

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