I believe in everything

I believe in Angels, Bigfoot
Christ and Destiny

I believe in Everything:
in Fairies, God, Humanity
Inclusion and in Jesus

I believe in Karma
Love and Miracles.

I believe in Nashville
Order, Pink and Quotes

I believe in Reincarnation,
Science and Technology

I believe in Unicorns and Visions

I believe in War
in Xmas
in You and Zero.

Face of the believer by Wang Guangyi

Asking Google from a to z for “I believe…” made me understand the contradictions of humanity. To be linked up to Open Platform @toads.

Today I received my copies of Chiaroscuro – the poetry anthology we have published from contributions at dVerse. Available at Amazon US and UK.
December 18, 2017

20 responses to “I believe in everything

  1. kaykuala

    ‘contradictions of humanity’ is certainly a strange animal. Merry Xmas Bjorn and Happy hols!


  2. You know Bjorn, the mind is so expansive, so that maybe just maybe these beliefs are just a dot in the scheme of things to believe in.
    Oh and I read and re-read but I didn’t see Santa Claus any where in the list

    much love…

  3. I like the dark humor in this. This one especially stands out; “I believe in Nashville Order, Pink and Quotes.” 🙂

  4. The ABC concept is always very cool, and this ‘search’ has provided an interesting array of belief systems. Isn’t this fascinating disparity the thing that makes us ‘human’?

  5. I believe in the power and creativity of humanity and the raw ability we have to warp the universe to our desires if we only apply ourselves to it.

    In all honesty, you see it as contradictory but I find it kind of inspirational to see the power of belief. While there’s definitely some good and bad, it’s hard to argue with the results of those beliefs.

  6. Sometimes kind of scary what people believe in. My eyes went bigger and bigger as I read and I’m seriously afraid and concerned when I think that somewhere out there are people that believe in war. Frightening

  7. I believe in so much as well. My first belief in beliefs is: first, do no harm. If the belief system does no harm, gives hope, and spreads love, then I am cool with it all. but, Bjorn…no Santa Claus? 🙂

  8. Believe is made of wild things, isn’t it? They don’t even have to know each other well. As long as someone believes… in something (or more).

    Congrats on the new books.

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