Sliced banana

The still life of my mornings
is one half banana
peeled and sliced into my cereal,
one sandwich
tea and orange juice.

I read half the morning paper
before unstilled to action
and another day begins.

Banana by Oleksandr Hnylyzkyj

Saana challenges us to write about fruits at toads. My fruit is only one half and quite mundane.

December 15, 2017

15 responses to “Sliced banana

  1. But still good! And filling and nourishing. Especially eaten while reading the morning paper. If you were eating a mango or blackberries I am afraid you would be too distracted to do your morning routine!

  2. Love this!❤️ I might try adding a sliced banana in my cereal too 😀 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Bjorn.

  3. “unstilled to action” … I love that phrase.

    My parents used to do that — split a banana for breakfast. I always thought it was so cute, until Daddy died. Now breakfast must be painful. In fact, her new routine involves a smoothie instead. That’s what I wonder about this speaker — if it has anything to do with sadness/loss, or if it is truly just about breakfast.

    What kind of sandwich?

  4. Sounds like a good way to start the day…….I like “unstilled to action”….good choice of words. Can imaghine reluctantly putting the newspaper down and getting ready to turn on the “work” switch.

  5. :Only half a banana and quite mundane” you said, but such an elegant position you placed that fruit, with words. I am familiar with halves, Mrd. Jim and I share a banana on our cereal. Our breakfast is most often one half a granola bar package for each. Cookies we often share, as did we our restaurant lunch this noon.


  6. This poem intrigues me because of the franctions – half a banana and half the newspaper. It gives the reader a less than whole type of feeling – a longing that can’t be defined. Nice one!

  7. That is often my breakfast too. (I live alone, but the other half of the banana will keep for afternoon tea. 🙂 ) An elegant little poem on a mundane but vital subject.

  8. love the circle of “still life of my mornings” to “unstilled to actions”, breakfast as a completed cycle done in halves, very cool

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