Peeing at night

I remember many years ago
I had to pee at night
and got lost inside the house.
I stumbled
breaking toenails on unexpected chairs
while searching for the door.

It’s said the darkest hour is
before the dawn,
but there are times when
only minutes matter
and if you cannot find the loo —

Maybe politics
without a map;
at times
is just like peeing in the dark.

Today Victoria want us to write poetry on symbolism at dVerse. This is my feeble attempt of trying to catch a bit of how I see the world in politics.

December 7, 2017

36 responses to “Peeing at night

  1. A very effective symbol! You describe that stumbling around so well, and both the bewilderment and the urgency of it, in this funny-serious piece.

  2. How true–great symbol/metaphor. Politics has become so stuck on extreme ideology they (we) have lost sight on the whole picture and the good that comes from working together. Turn on the light!

  3. So hard to do that in darkness ~ Love the symbolism of darkness, in our politics and life in general; stumbling around is not fun~

  4. I guess for new politicians (with goodness in their hearts) this is probably true, that is until they begin to stain the carpet…
    For more seasoned politicians who cleverly sing our song until elected – they pee on us in broad daylight…
    Anna :o]

  5. This one brings back childhood memories. When I visited my aunts house, she gave me an empty peanut can to keep beside the bed, just in case.
    Yes, politics for sure. That is why there is so much crap floating through the halls of congress!

  6. Your first two stanzas are priceless, Björn! A woeful tales of sleepy bladderness. As for the last, it’s too indistinct for me to comment. If anyone had a mind they wouldn’t have run for office in the first place. If they had a map (a plan) they wouldn’t have been elected. It covers all of politics — the spectrum. Perhaps they’ve all fallen over on their dark night relief run of the soul. It stinks! It sure enough stinks!

  7. Hmmmmmm, “politics without a map”?
    I LOVED the peeing in the dark issue — so funny.
    Breaking toe nails and all.
    But how could politics have a map?
    Communists think they have a great map — a standard — and one party tells us all what to do. But Communism is terrible.
    Power Concentrating Peversve Capitalism has a map — money map — and that is terrible. Dictators have a map of personal enlargement and that is horrible. So maps don’t seem to be the solution.
    You got a solution, mate?

  8. Ha.

    When I was doing outdoor therapy, some of the kids used to pee off the tentdeck instead of going to the outhouse. It would freeze overnight into a yellow puddle.

    Politics without a roadmap. What about when the roadmap is to just disrupt everything. Ugh. Our politics is ridiculous. Follow the money.

  9. HAH! LOVE it! Politics likened to peeing in the night 🙂 Smiling I am. And….I must reiterater a story to you along these same lines. Many years ago, when my daughter was living in Germany for a year, we went to visit her. The German tradition, at that time, was to keep all the doors inside the house closed…ie doors into bedrooms, into the kitchen, into the bathroom. We stayed in a room that had a door to the hallway, a door to a bathroom, two closet doors, and a door into another bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing my husband bumping/repelling off door after door in that bedroom trying desperately to get to the bathroom to pee. Kind of like a pinball machine. Haven’t thought of that in years! 🙂 Thanks for the smile and the memories. 🙂

  10. Ha…politics can be symbolized by many things, but I find peeing a new one. Light is needed, but also good aim..and a sense of fair play wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

  11. Bjorn, funny on the piss of politics. I didn’t want to leave you in the dark as to my WP site change. I’m now on blogger at
    Hope to see you over there sometimes

  12. I think politics will always be like peeing in the dark. It is almost always about vested interests, and ego, and rately about the common good, the definition of which is debatable.

  13. Huh. I thought I commented on this already. Perhaps I was peeing in the dark too! Hilarious take on the limitations of politics.

  14. An intriguing ‘take’ on politics … if only the size of the mess left behind – and the ease with which it could be cleaned up – were similar.

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