She stills her cravings

Fullmooned headstones cast their shadows
on the leaves of seasons dying.
Eyes are silvered by the trembling moon;
With marble fists she’s not crying.

Across abandoned graveyard — footfalls;
strides he on gravel crunching;
she’s snaking from behind; he’s throttled
stilling craves she’s munching.

Moonlight by Edvard Munch

De hosts on the quadrille on dVerse tonight. Write any poem you want in exactly 44 words including the word crunch in the poem. Join us.

Also linking this to Tuesday Platform at toads.

December 4, 2017

57 responses to “She stills her cravings

  1. Excellent piece.

    I like the possible hidden word “steals” in the title. (I see it, anyway. Maybe even “steels.”) I really love the word “fullmooned,” but all the more when you make it “fullmooned headstones,” or even just “fullmooned head.”

    “Eyes are silvered”
    “With marble fists”

    Great rhythm in this line: “strides he on gravel crunching”

    I’m not sure, but you might be getting a little bit dirty at the end:
    “she’s snaking from behind; he’s throttled
    stilling craves she’s munching”

  2. Either she’s eating him, or she’s eating him, if you know what I mean. I’m always talking to my husband about cemetery sex, so that might be tainting my reading. 😛

  3. Oh Bjorn, your poem has gone in such a different direction, dark and chilling! I lovve the ‘Fullmooned headstones’ and the ‘marble fists’,
    The final lines have a touch of Poe.

  4. Nice and dark. I think of an innocent walking in the graveyard at night and….bam! He is now a vampire’s lunch. fullmooned headstones….yes they do glow don’t they? Nice and dark this is. Love the rhymes in this.

  5. The title sets the scene so rhythmically – almost expect something Shakesperean to follow but you gave us Poe

  6. Female vampires (succubus) frighten me more than the males–strange that. You certainly can go dark in a flick, but then again my poem is about being eaten alive.

  7. I wonder if she uses steak sauce or ketchup?

    Ha. I always find the dark ones rather fun, and nice pairing with the pic. She def has the look.

    Fullmooned as an adjective is very cool.

  8. The ending is sinister but love the initial opening lines with fullmooned and seasons dying ~ Perfect for the supermoon watch Bjorn ~

  9. Eyes are silvered by the trembling moon;
    With marble fists she’s not crying.

    She perhaps has to play safe in the circumstances! She is not to risk antagonizing anyone!


  10. This is so incredibly haunting! I can see her munching and feel the chill in the air! The idea of female vampires/succubus is frightening.. and I sometimes wonder if they exist in present times.

  11. nice musicality and sound texture
    the beginning: galloping over the those double syllables

    “Fullmooned headstones cast their shadows…”

    illuminates the movement of the running man

    who “strides…on gravel crunching”

  12. I really love that first line! Such atmosphere in this poem (and the Munch painting, too).
    We were both on the same wavelength with our crunch poems. 🙂

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