Stars I can’t see

My skin is too thin not to write about stars
cause caring’s a burden that’s heavy to bear.
So I sit here writing of stars, about wind in my
hair, or fragrance of flowers, pretending,
forgetting the bloodshed of war, the abuse
and decay of decent demeanor in men.
I write about puppies and warmth in the way
that comfort of home may settle in bones
while rain of November keep lashing the walls
and my mouth is too sore not to talk about spring.
To read is to burden yourself with concern for
November and darkness, for bruises and scars.
So I sit here pretending that everything’s fine
and write about luster of stars I can’t see.

Storm(Black Landscape) by Yves Tanguy

Tonight it’s Open Link at dVerse. I wrote this is some haste thinking I should write something happy. Trying my best but failing. It’s a kind of unrhymed sonnet…

November 30, 2017

36 responses to “Stars I can’t see

  1. Such a beautiful sonnet of deep sadness and melancholy ~ I suppose we all try to see stars and pretend that everything is fine, as its easier that way to cope ~ This is my favorite line:

    To read is to burden yourself with concern for
    November and darkness, for bruises and scars.

  2. The stars perhaps remind us of some deep peace…of belonging to something greater……and of magic and possibilities. Keep your head in the stars Bjorn. It’s a good place to be right now.

  3. Beautiful… but there’s poetry that will protest aloud and change the world and poetry that will whisper gently and talk of possibilities! We need both!

  4. This poem could be a song, Bjorn, it is so lyrical. I love the lines:
    ‘while rain of November keeps lashing the walls
    and my mouth is too sore not to talk about spring’.

  5. I chuckled a little when I read you set out to write something happy. The emotion in a poem usually gets away from me, so the best I can expect is for the piece to end with a bit of hope. I don’t suspect I’d be all that successful at writing a happy poem. There were several lines I enjoyed in this piece, but the one I pulled out was this “in the way
    that comfort of home may settle in bones.” That’s a great line. 🙂

  6. Caring is a huge burden to bear, as it opens us up for hurt and pain. ANd pretending only helps in the moment, eventually even it will wear away until we face our demons.

    Nice firm hold on the emotions here. You did not go over the top, but it was definitely felt all the way through.

  7. Sweet sonnet, reminding me that poetry can be both message & refuge. It is nearly incomprehensible to grasp several billion galaxies, with 99% of those stars beyond the range of our telescopes, but not our minds.

  8. ‘caring’s a burden that’s heavy to bear’ and that is why we need to take the oxygen mask first before we can help others to breathe – a beautiful write Björn, sometimes haste brings out the gold

  9. Much prefer poetry with rain, stars and teeth. What does Open Link mean? No prompt or format? I might be good at that 😉

  10. “My skin is too thin not to write about stars”

    That is the craziest damn sentence, but somehow it works.

  11. Clearly, there are so many lines in this poem that are worthy of glory. My personal favorite: “my mouth is too sore not to talk about spring”

  12. I felt this poem, I am a stargazer and it brings me comfort when I cannot sleep at night. I just pull the blinds and stare out at the stars and hope, somewhere, peace will be found.

  13. Björn, I feel your poet’s angst. Sometimes life swarms us and we get to where we can’t experience the taste of life without being aware of the sour taste so many feel. The tone of your poem is right on target. There needs to be the clarion voices. (and puppies!) 🙂

  14. You’re right, there’s always the pressure to write the sunny but then there’s the matter of truth – and this sonnet rings so true. Also liked the rhymes that run through the poem as if the lines are falling over themselves.

  15. for me the poem was hopeful. it is not really ignoring bad things to pay attention to sweet or beautiful things, to see the luster in stars/life even when life is hard. It is to remember love/grace/beauty, no matter death/blood/pain because life is both but we have the power to choose what we hold onto, what we want to remember, what we give others to hold onto. I like your choice:
    “I write about puppies and warmth in the way
    that comfort of home may settle in bones”

  16. A hypnotic rhythm in this that builds in a somewhat ominous intermingling of light and dark images at odds with each other – to great effect. This is a fantastic piece of writing, Björn.

  17. I have seen many poems which are of the “I want to write a pretty poem but …” genre and this is a good one. The sad thing is, that people somehow think poems are suppose to be pretty. But that is not sadder that all the stuff that you spoke of.

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