Jazz with the moss

Where trees jazz with wind
so gently
to magic of moss
at summernight tarn;
I meet you at midnight
and run
my hands through gold of your hair.

Come swim with me slowly
let lapping of waves on your breast
be music of night,
let’s listen to silver; let’s laugh
with man in moon.

I had to write a second jazz poem for Amaya at DVerse, this time I took the most sold jazz record in Sweden ever. Where Jan Jonasson mixed jazz with traditional Swedish folk Music. I love of the music. Very much jazz and still very Swedish.

I think music and nature gives me comfort so I link this to toads as well, and it’s a 55 word piece for hedge as well.

November 23, 2017

29 responses to “Jazz with the moss

  1. “…trees jazz with wind…” “let’s listen to silver…” Jazz and poetry takes us further out… farther out than just either manages to do. And you went there.

    Also love the music. Will look it up and see if it’s available.

  2. Both your sensuous poem and Jan Johansson’s music are great. It is sad that so little is known of him outside Sweden. More than 60 years ago I was stomping along to Trad Jazz in the UK on friday nights in a small town in Surrey!

  3. This music evoked so much longing in me. When I listened to it I saw sparse snowflakes and the great expanse of winter and of the mind in winter. Especially when toward the end the piano played the melody in octaves. I had forgotten your poem was about a summertime rendezvous in the woods. So when I coupled my thoughts with your poem, I realized there can be both: so much space in which to be free only with your true love. The line, “Come swim with me slowly,” was most beautiful.

  4. This is soo enchanting!❤️ Especially love; “magic of moss at summernight tarn.” Beautifully done!❤️

  5. The music compliments the poem delicately–a sense of rhythm and slow-dance, and the words dance as well through all that jazz which makes up love. So glad you broought this to the party, Bjorn, and thanks for the 55.

  6. Playful bit of night moves in this, particularly in the second stanza – which I think could be a small poem of its own. That is where it picks up energy for me. There is a nice intimacy there and I like how you quickly open up beyond it to the silver / night music / moon

  7. I always enjoy how your words dance with the senses, the way old wonders become new dreams to be had under your pen, and the music… the music of nature loving what it wants.

  8. This is magical and vibes well with the music piece. Listening to silver, laughing with the man in the moon… sounds like a fun night with someone special.

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