Be seen

See, be seen –
be rainbow
and the morning after.

You are you;
say yes or no
it’s up to you
to move with me.

But if it pleases you
let me be shadow
sun and rain for you.

Let us paint
outside the lines
and crossing borders,
Let me in to
see, be seen…

A second piece of poetry using the street-art images from Lillian’t prompt. This will linked up to Open Link Night at dVerse. Join us at 3PM EST.

November 16, 2017

38 responses to “Be seen

  1. This is very sweet. 🙂

    And while it can certainly be romantic, I read it personally as being about a parent and an adult child who is handicapped in some way and still needs assistance in daily living, even though he or she might wish otherwise. I think the parent is being very understanding and tender. (This touches me so much because of my teenaged daughter, whom I worry about being able to live alone one day.)

  2. Lovely poem, Björn. I think the “see, be seen…” line captures what people really want in a relationship.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous!❤️ Especially love; “But if it pleases you
    please let me be shadow sun and rain for you.”❤️

  4. Wow! I can see where that poem came from! Such brilliant lines:
    ‘be rainbow
    and the morning after’.
    This poem has great pace and I imagine it coming to you while riding your bike, Bjorn!

  5. Ooh, you did a nice job with this artwork (my favorite of the bunch though I’m afraid to say I could not think of what to say about it.) You touch on the disconnect between one’s colorful inner world and the drab one shown to everyone else.

  6. I love this poem, so much of it speaks to me. Nice work. That’s a facinating piece of street art. And thanks for putting the time the pub opens. Ive been trying to figure that out.


  7. friendship or love, the poem is great about wanting both to be free to be themselves while together. love that last line
    “Let me in to
    see, be seen…:”

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