Sometimes kindness is nothing more than seeing or be seen. I smile, you see we say hello.
This summer we were just about to board a ferry when I saw her: an elderly woman struggling with a pair of heavy bags. I offered to carry one of them over the gangplank; she thanked me and accepted. We talked about the weather or maybe something else. The sky was blue and gulls were calling. It was the briefest of encounters but I am thankful for her kindness in accepting my assistance.
The best kindness we can show each other is often to accept kindness from a stranger. Trust is the best of gifts.

with wings unmoving
an eagle rides the breeze —
glitter on the sea

Tomorrow Toni hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse where we write about kindness. Prose should be less than 150 words and a haiku to top it. Join us, bar opens at 9 PM CET.

October 29, 2017

22 responses to “Trust

  1. I do like this. And indeed, sometimes the best kindness we can offer is to accept the kindness being offered. the haiku at the end is truly spectacular. It is the jewel in this crown of a haibun.

  2. I don’t know why I half expected something nefarious to happen to that elderly woman. Clearly, I need to have a little more trust. 😀

  3. Trust is a gift and I think if it was received as such more, we would be a very different world. Thank you for helping the woman. That is someone’s mum, and I am sure they would thank you if they could. Though I am sure she probably told her family of the nice man that stopped to help her.

    I think seeing someone, truly seeing someone is definitely a gift. We are too fast paced these days and go so long without truly being seen that when someone does see us, it can seem so special.

    I like what you did with the haiku. How the eagle is much more with the breeze. It is the little things. How they all play together to make each other more. Would be notice the breeze without the eagle. And the eagle if not the water it is cast against, or its shadow.

    I am breaking all the rules (I am sure) in mine, but I am playing for the first time in a very long time.

  4. My wife tells me that I am too generous with gifts to family & friends. Often they refuse an offer for help or a gift, which frustrates me. I tell them that a gracious person accepts help or gifts because it is a kindness to the giver. With my disability, I walk slowly with a cane. Often people hold the door for me, or offer assistance–& accept with a smile and a thank you.

  5. A good reminder that we need to receive graciously as well as give. I agree, the smallest kindnesses matter. Simply acknowledging someone can be inordinately kind.

  6. “The best kindness we can show each other is often to accept kindness from a stranger. Trust is the best of gifts.” Such a lovely message Bjorn. Thank you for reminding me of trusting strangers.

  7. This is the kind of piece that really gives one pause. I really enjoyed the philosophy expressed here. Great prose/Great tanka. An awesome haibun. Thanks for sharing!

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