A dark and stormy night

Dirge of midnight slowly crawls
from tiny feet the floorboards creak;
the air’s gone stale in moldy halls.
from down below a hollow shriek,
the night is dark; your future’s bleak;
you’re left inside the prison walls;
will it ever end, this working week?

Fur Gloves with Wooden Fingers © Meret Oppenheim

A rhyming quadrille for Grace at dVerse. As usual 44 words, and you have to include the word creak (not creek). Join us at 9 PM CET.

October 23 2017

31 responses to “A dark and stormy night

  1. I love the rhyming verses – and a terrific ending line ~ Please spare me and let it end quickly ~ Spooky and timely for Halloween ~

  2. Just the right touch of levity & brevity, with the sobering twist at the close; put a smile on this grizzled pie-hole.

  3. “you’re left inside the prison walls;
    will it ever end, this working week?”

    hah! for some reason, I find this a funny satire.

  4. Ha. We are halfway thru but mine is a short week with a long weekend ahead so i should not complain. You set tge scene nicely with texture(s). I think the rhyming adds to it..

    Thanks for noticing me hiding down there in the comments. I am writing more but just in the notebook and occasionally sharing

  5. How adept you are at quadrilles by now! (I have given them up.) This is great fun, particularly the twist at the end.

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