Beneath a frozen moon

Inside this well —
I wait, depressed
I watch as daylight teases;
its solemn disc unmoving
(a frozen moon).

My hope is strings,
too thin
too few to twin(e)
myself a rope.

I need my friends
to pull
Please help me
I’m not well.

Hope of a Condemned Man I by Joan Miro Ⓒ

Today De is back doing a quadrille at dVerse. We need hope together in the wake of terrible events. So hope is the world, write a poem of 44 words exactly including the word hope.

October 9, 2017

40 responses to “Beneath a frozen moon

  1. This is crazy good. I love “twin” instead of “twine.” Fabulous poem that anyone could connect with — depression is pretty much a universal condition at this point.

    This is my absolute favorite part:
    “I watch as daylight tease(s);
    its solemn disc unmoving”

    And then the pulling in the last stanza where you ask for help roping the moon — which of course reminds me of that wonderful scene in It’s a Wonderful Life.

  2. I like that in the end, there is a plea for friends to help you. We , at one time or another, need others to help us and pull us through difficult times. Hope you are well Bjorn ~

  3. I really enjoyed the imagery for this poem, and the playful use of words. It cast out all these different tendrils to follow.

  4. So well done….and there is much this can apply to. I’m thinking of those suffering from depression….that feeling of drowning at the bottom of the well. Yes — we all need help sometime…the trick is in learning to accept it.

    • I was thinking of an ink well — which is what I find to be the coolest thing about poetry; that there’s no right or wrong way to read it, just different.

  5. Roping the moon is the height of hope–something we need to cling to, for it will persevere to the moment of our death, where we will still hope there is more beyond the veil.

  6. Great use of parentheses, (especially for a De prompt). I’m not well. I’m not a well. No my friend, you are deeper, and your water is much sweeter.

  7. That’s an excellent title and the perfect image to accompany your poem Bjorn. I love the way you describe hope as thin strings and the play on the word ‘well’.

  8. The middle stanza really jumped out at me. The image of thin strings lingers. I do believe if one string can be joined with another string there is strength and hope.

    My hope is strings,
    too thin
    too few to twin(e)
    myself a rope.

  9. So wonderfully, painfully poignant and vulnerable. My money quote:

    “My hope is strings,
    too thin
    too few to twin(e)
    myself a rope.”

    So full of yearning of that hope we all need like air!

  10. I like the directness in the voice of this poem. I think it speaks to those suffering from mental illness who cannot possibly pull themselves up without help. Unfortunately help is not always there. Very powerful write, Bjorn.

  11. We all need our friends. Esp in that moment…when we are feeling so down. Nice word play on twin and twine. And thanks.for the email. Working on my doctorate degree now.

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