Ode to the paperclips

All that glisters is not gold—
Often have you heard that told.
The merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

This morning after
I realized I brought to work
a shirt but not my cuff-links.
Thus I found that paper-
clips can do
as well to tie
my sleeves in place.

I think it proves how function
is preferred to looks;
much like
you’d rather have
a surgeon with
hairy back and a foul breath
than quack with handsome smile
all hands and thumbs.

For Karin’s prompt at toads when thinking of little things. This is based on an actual paperclip experience from today.

September 29, 2017

16 responses to “Ode to the paperclips

  1. great piece Björn – and definitely a very creative way to solve a problem. As for the fashionable end of it? Could call it “retro modern meets classically tailored” – in the end, stylish in itself, the contrast of the line of the clips with the crisp white shirt and pinstripe suit – dashing with a touch of the practical whimsy. Hope you had a wonderful day and that your weekend will be great.

  2. The ending is funny. Very clever. And I think it looks pretty sharp on you. I’ve always thought paperclips were a fun accessory, though. My daughter once used some of the bright, oversized ones to decorate the top of her overalls. Really adorable.

    I could not deal with a foul-breathed surgeon. No way. I would give him some mouthwash before I let him cut me open.

  3. I enjoyed the straightforward snippet from your life. As I was pulled in by your telling of what happened, I found myself thinking I can’t believe this is a poem. I really enjoyed it. And I found myself oddly intrigued by a story that was about a paperclip cufflink.

  4. Smiles and chuckles, Bjorn. When I was still teaching, students were on the look-out for this kind of thing! Paperclips are so very useful 🙂 Not keen on bad breath, though.

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