I miss the sea

Each wave a kiss
my kayak sways
nothing beats this

when sea-froth hiss
on best of days
each wave a kiss.

In dark blue bliss
at sea I play
nothing beats this

Since then I miss
your taste of spray
each wave a kiss

At shore remiss
from you I’ve strayed
a lot beats this.

Oh, sea you’re brisk
don’t let me stray
each wave a kiss
I can’t beat this.

Kayaking at sea

Kim want’s us to write about boats for toads. For me the best boat is a kayak. I miss the sea a lot, I have not had enough kayaking in recent years. I made an experiment with very short lines in my Villanelle, not entirely happy, but it was fun to work with all the constraints of four syllable lines. Will also link this to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.
September 23, 2017

37 responses to “I miss the sea

  1. Cool change! That’s the song that popped into my mind as I read. Your poem is just about perfect, Björn! Don’t sweat the shorter lines; it worked well!

  2. Enjoyed the rhythm of the poem. It could almost be a song. I could feel the spray of the waves and your longing to get back to sea in the poem

  3. Oh this is so gorgeous, Bjorn! I love the way you have created the sound of spray with the ‘kiss-hiss-bliss’ rhymes, and the movement of the kayak with the line and stanza length, arousing all the senses and leaving a lasting impression with that wonderful refrain ‘each wave a kiss’!

  4. A kayak would be a bit daring for me. And the sea is quite close. But I too miss boating. Your short lines and repetitions turn it into a jaunty little song, which I like very much.

  5. As ever, Bjorn your versatility is so evident… as you seem to conjure something again uniquely yours and memorable too. The joy you take from life and your generous spirit in return shines through too…

  6. I recognized the form, but thought you put your own spin on it which can be fun! I have never tried to kayak. I used to take canoe trips and I have gone tubing down rivers, which is really fun as I just let the current take me at her own pace. There is a stillness, a peace floating on the water, even on raft in a pool of water. I am water soul, the fish. I think you need to get out in that kayak Bjorn – “Bears need water to fish “

  7. Kayaking gets one as close to the water without being under it, am I right? The intimacy of that contact must be reminiscent of glancings with the Beloved.

  8. What an intriguing villanelle … hypnotic, I thought … rather like the repetitive shush of waves lapping against the sides of a little boat.

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