Are you the moon?

How did the moon feel
when it was left
alone in darkness
to radiate the faded lights
that spilled from day to night?

Did it feel betrayed or dazzled
by the sun?
Did it seek the shade of earth
to sulk?
How did it feel for moon to play
the second fiddle,
to the earth and sun?

And you my friend,
are you the earth or sun,
or maybe more the moon,
pockmarked, hiding, all alone?

Copyright Björn Rudberg

A second entry for my own prompt at dVerse on asking questions.

September 19, 2017

28 responses to “Are you the moon?

  1. Beautiful moon, and it is okay that it is pockmarked because it is the moon, just like it is okay for the cat to be fat because it is the cat. Perhaps it doesn’t think that it is playing second fiddle, perhaps it sees itself as the queen or king of the night?

  2. I think the moon doesn’t really care much if she’s alone or at a party. It’s all the same. If you enjoy yourself, being alone can be pretty great. It’s when you don’t like yourself that you have a problem. Am I right?

    Maybe you should turn it around and ask the other bodies how they feel with and without the moon.

    I actually think you’ve severely pissed off the moon with this poem. I wouldn’t be surprised, if I were you, to find an ocean of jellyfish swallowing that head while you sleep.

      • Ha ha ha. That is hilarious.

        Well, I’m a firm believer in making every day a clean slate. Let it all go. Let go of it all. See what comes back. If relationships are meant to be, they’ll rebirth themselves forever.

  3. Nice description of the moon playing second fiddle. When the moon is full it goes through the earth’s magnetotail and I understand there are measurable changes on it because of that.

  4. Lovely poem, Björn. I particularly like this part
    “alone in darkness
    to radiate the faded lights
    that spilled from day to night”

  5. Loved the last verse as connection to the human condition. Many are hiding and all alone. I see then daily in my neighborhood in this part of the planet.

  6. lots of lunaphiles here, I see – and I am one. I found this slightly uncomfortable reading – the final stanza added to that – and immmediately had lots of arguments ready, so you definitely started something.

  7. Loving this second take, Bjorn. The moon….so many questions can revolve around it. I love the idea of a pouting moon.
    I remember when I was in graduate school, running outside and staring up at the moon the moment we landed on the moon…to stand there looking up and thinking there were actually people up there!

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