Deep in darkness, worms and root.
in bloodstream and her brittle bones
a hydra I can sense is
growing, swelling fast
numbing pain and lumps. Her liver-spots.
Or deep inside invading liver,
spleen and pancreas.
Indigenous to her. Tender rot.
slimy growth — her cancer cells.

The sick child by Edvard Munch

Kerry wants us to write about monsters at toads. There is an acrostic monster hidden to. We always ask ourselves is it for real or not.

15 responses to “Hypochondria?

  1. My mother-in-law found out today that she has skin cancer. And she is the biggest hypochondriac I’ve ever known.

    “a hydra I can sense is
    growing, swelling fast
    numbing pain”

    Me too.

  2. So well written. The scary thing about hypochondriacs that health care providers may not take them seriously and then something (like cancer) is deemed to be “just another one of their fears.”

  3. A for real monster, cancer. You did well in bringing this to our attention. At first I was thinking it a conjured up blood and mind invader not unlike the one in a novel written by Dan Simmons, “Drood” in respect of Charles Dickens unfinished last work.

  4. I love the way you hid the hydra in hypochondria, Bjorn – a clever metaphor for one of the worst diseases. Sometimes we know that there is something wrong with us before it is apparent.

  5. Diagnosis. Usually I don’t get these things. I’m with Victoria on the state of medical opinions on these things. Doctors don’t really listen.

  6. The hidden word is one we all fear and your description of this creeping disease is why we fear it. This hits home, Bjorn. Cancer is personal to everyone.

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