How about Icarus?

I wonder if the pull of hubris
hurt like strings before your plunge?
or if it was like sky, with blueness,
sea and heaven, lack of lunch
Did you sense the singe of sun?
before you felt how your flight
turned into fright, you couldn’t run
just flap your arms, gone was sleight
of flying; when fighting against dying
can a hero be forgiven crying?

The Fall Of Icarus by Peter Paul Rubens

For Karin’s prompt at toads.

June 30, 2017

16 responses to “How about Icarus?

  1. “Sleight of flying” is such a wonderful phrase, Bjorn, and the inability to run such a potent image as well. Thanks for participating–Icarus is such a poignant figure really– and your poem made me think of him in detail. k.

  2. Wonderful poem, Bjorn about a mythological creature that actually exists for us in warnings….There are so many phrases that are original and unexpected (at least to me…) and this overall poem is full and satisfying. Lovely.

  3. Lovely rhyming detail in this recounting of the myth… This one remains relevant in every age.

  4. You have certainly captured the mythology in you poem. I like how you’ve managed to create images in my minds eye. Love the use of ryhme too.

  5. this is stunning – simply stunning – right from the opening lines, and as so many others have already mentioned, you’ve crafted phrases that are unique and exceptional, yet bring new dimensions to the myth, while also retaining a sense of the intimate and personal – and I really love the ending – such a strong, powerful ending question – can’t help but walk away and sit with this for some time!

  6. damn it! sorry – my comment came in under the wrong name – scribblersdip – anyhow – just to let you know.

  7. This is a wonderful poem, really sad and bitter and full of powerful imagery. The lines:
    I wonder if the pull of hubris
    hurt like strings before your plunge?
    are definitely my favourite!

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