Summer shower

A summer shower is like a feral cat. It attacks you from behind, icy claws outstretched and if you don’t beware you’re drenched. Today when bicycling from work we had to seek protection underneath protective boughs. We waited shivering but after just a minute (or two), the sun shone through. Between the branches of umbrella foliage the rainbow smiled. After another minute and the rain had left. There are other bicyclist to ambush for summer rain. Just like a feral cat.

still the gosling
zigzag in the steady wake
of mother goose

Reflections in water – image by me

The theme for Haibun Monday today is summer at dVerse. Join Grace and write a short haibun to describe something relating to summer.

June 26, 2017

24 responses to “Summer shower

  1. Weather is here is just so unpredictable like your feral cat. Between the sudden thunderstorms and sun, it can be quite confusing. And stealthy as a a feral cat.

  2. Yes. Just like a feral cat or wild dog. Usually our summer showers are like being pelted with scalding water. I envy the cold shower you all have.

  3. Our summer rains are often accompanied by lightning … not a good time to be under trees … but there are those sneaky summer showers when a cloud just seems to open at will.

  4. So vivid & visceral, brother; growing in WA state I thought we were the rain capital, but my wife is from Texas where it can rain 66 inches in 2 hours, flooding & drowning folks. Loved your haiku.

  5. Interesting that you have such cold rain in summer, where I live it is like bathwater. I loved the image of the rain as icy outstretched claws of a feral cat. I also liked how in your haiku you juxtaposed “still” with “zigzag,” “steady” with “wake”. Very nice!

  6. I enjoyed the extended simile in the prose piece … both prose and haiku are very visual – in a manner that is unique and remarkable.

  7. Oh this one’s a beauty! I am seeing those zigzagging water birds following their mother. However in our place the sun rays are feral cats, scratching and gouging…ugh…

  8. you make the summer showers seem so sneaky! i love walking in the rain, allows me to see the the beauty of the earth in its stillness. but those zig azg goslings are a pretty sight indeed! Lovely Bjorn, a really lovely wet summer feel.

  9. so much movement in your summer- rushing for cover, claws of cat, zigzagging gosling –

  10. I like how you book-cased your narrative with the image of a feral cat. Here we tend to have thunder storms, often without rain and way-too-often these are what cause wildfires.

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