Blood and keyboards

Let’s feast on words,
pretend it’s hunger
or symphony as wheels on wet tarmac.

Let’s syllable —
reflect on undulation of grass in motion,
or patient toads in waiting.

Let’s ink
as beads together;
necklace sentences to nooses.

Let’s poetry
and keyboard pain to lace.
Let’s stay insane.

Self Portrait With Necklace Of Thorns by Frida Kahlo

Kerry wants us to write a meta poetry at toads. I tried to reflect a bit on why we write, and take it to a poem… This is my feeble effort.

June 22, 2017

22 responses to “Blood and keyboards

  1. Very beautiful! I loved how you compared it with a necklace, it’s a beautiful yet something I have never heard of. Your attempt is well done!

  2. Your poetry always makes me squeal with delight, when your verb your nouns and make lines dance like feet. “Let’s poetry / and keyboard pain…” indeed!

  3. love the free expression of these words – symphony of wheels on wet tarmac is an imaginative soaring

  4. I love this piece, Björn. It’s so funny because I posted a poem about the writing process I think on the same day you posted this. I like that harmony of having themes repeat when I read blogs like there’s a message worth paying attention to since it keeps appearing. Anyway, lovely poem. All the way through, I loved every bit of it.

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