Lunatic dancing

Sometimes the moon gets bored
of staring in the sky
and wants to eavesdrop on humanity.
She Icarus to earth
and walks around to spy on us.

You might have seen her
with a shopping-
cart that’s filled with stolen hubcaps
and other rusting auto-parts she’s nicked
from streets and parking-lots.

She dress herself in a surplus
army parka, tie-dye skirt and on her head
a pink beret. Usually in clogs
you should be careful not to to let
her crush your feet.

“Can you dance the cha-cha?”,
she asked me once and smirked
as only pock-
marked moons can do, and me…
… Stumped, I stayed there silent,
staring at my toes, and let
her leave me
cackling by herself.

I have tried so many times
to answer since, but she has sickled
into space, and I have taught
myself to dance barefoot in her sheen.

Lorelei by Albert Pinkham Ryder

This is absolute fiction as Shay require for her prompt at toads. No toes where bruised writing this.

June 2, 2017

12 responses to “Lunatic dancing

  1. ‘She Icarus to earth” and “she has sickled into space’ .. I love your creation of verbs in this, Björn – you do it so well!

  2. Loved this, Bjorn. Sometimes I like to make like to tell of growing fangs on full moon nighrs, biting women on their necks, fear of silver crosses and mirrors. But don’t really believe these.
    Your shopping-cart that’s filled with stolen hubcaps reminds me of the young folks in my day who stole the spinner hubcaps from oldsmobiles.

  3. Despite all the stars having a party up there in the Universe, the moon’s like the lonely girl at a party who dances on her own. I can understand her getting bored. I love the phrases ‘She Icarus to earth’ and ‘sickled into space’, and the idea that she’s spying on us or steals hubcaps – I wondered who that was!

  4. Wonderful play upon verbs in this one! 🙂 Especially love; “She Icarus to earth” and “she has sickled into space” Beautifully executed.

  5. I love this too… Your portrayal of the moon is so creative – in personification she never loses her moonishness. I especially like the way you ended it, the sickling away back into the sky, and speaker left trying to learn the dance steps. Fine work, indeed.

  6. I like how you turned the moon into a character in this poem. There were so many lovely phrases in this piece that I adored. The rhythm of the poem moved me from beginning to end, and it felt like I was caught up in a dance with the moon.

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