It’s how I poetry

I wrap my words
with bows,
to ribbon syllables
to sentences;
to sense and singe,
a silk-surprise
(whispered) fire-
both summer Christmas
and your birthdays
late in May.

it’s how we flowerbed
the only way
I ever poetry… and
gift for you.

The Bed In The Mirror by Henri Matisse

Lillian wants us to write poetry on the subject of gift at dVerse. Written in haste.

May 30, 2017

35 responses to “It’s how I poetry

  1. Smiling I am! LOVE everything about this post! And most especially the last stanza. “It’s how we flowerbed….” what a fun, joyful, capricious statement! 🙂

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  3. Your poem made me smile too, Björn! It’s a lovely gift for a Tuesday night.
    ‘it’s how we flowerbed
    the only way
    I ever poetry’ 🙂

  4. What a gift and treat this is to read, I love your verbalisations, especially:
    ‘it’s how we flowerbed – the only way I ever poetry… and gift for you.’

  5. Really effective line breaks. This is my favorite:
    “a silk-surprise
    (whispered) fire-“

  6. Really beautiful. I love how you use poetry as a gift, as a metaphor described as a living gift on holidays and other times. It is a meaningful gift.

  7. Sweet & resolute, brother–for sure, we all gift each other & posterity with poetry several times a week; may it continue.

  8. Gorgeous descriptions. I love the part about the ribbons. The imagery is great 🙂

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