A song of springtime

when sound
is honey, music
with spring
come sing, come spin
come bare your feet
come dance with me

then dusk me gently
swirl me dreams
spun in honey
in spring
come wait with me
for dawn in honey
with spring

A Song Of Springtime by John William Waterhouse

Victoria Host the Quadrille tonight at dVerse and the word is sound. Come join the fun.

May 22, 2017

38 responses to “A song of springtime

  1. I do believe you’ve created a wonderful lilting song here! “When sound is honey, spiced with spring….” absolutely delightful words! And the photo you’ve chosen fits so well with the words. Really….can’t we get someone to set this to a lovely tune?

  2. Classic form, sweet seasonal song, another winner from the other side of the pond. I may have to borrow “dusk” as a verb.

  3. Sound is honey and music spiced … sounds like the beginning of a great recipe! Beautiful write, Bjorn!

  4. I love your wordplay in this, Bjorn, with the “then dusk me gently” and “honey spiced in spring”…just so joyous. Love that painting too!

  5. ‘Dawn and honey’ ‘spiced with spring’ beautiful repeated lines and used well to emphasis the freedom and sweetness of this dance. Love the words ‘honey music’ together too.

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