Lasagna and blackthorn

One day a year ago we came home with a crockpot, and since it has renewed our cooking. Maybe it has came with age, but I’ve grown to prefer slow cooked meat over grilled or fried. Of course we fill it and cook for many dinners at once, and thus it means that we always have something home-cooked waiting in the freezer. A favorite we always try to have handy is bolognese sauce. I usually make it from half a kilo beef and half a kilo of lamb, fry it adding onions and garlic throw it in the crockpot and let it cook with some pancetta or bacon. We let it stew on high for five hours and then serve it with new cooked pasta and grated parmigiano. This morning though we were doing Sunday lunch for my mother in law and we had some leftover sauce in the fridge. I woke up early and made some pasta plates fresh from egg and flour. We made a cheese sauce and carefully layered the lasagna and cooked in the oven before breakfast and set it to cool. When it was time for lunch we drove to her small apartment, we microed the lasagna and served it with some fresh salad and some fruit salad. After some coffee we took her for a walk and noted how the spring progresses. These Sunday visits had became a routine, but cooking and the seasons gives both her and us the variation.

laced in blossom —
a blue tit seeks his shelter
among blackthorn boughs

Today I host Haibun Monday at dVerse, and I want you to write a haibun starting from a recipe of some kind. Bring me memories and scents and add a true haiku containing a kigo, My Kigo is ume (blossom). Join us at 3 PM EST.

May 15, 2017

25 responses to “Lasagna and blackthorn

  1. I love the whole feel of this Bjorn. I feel like I can taste that lasagne even though I do not eat meat. I love the way it all comes together in a day but still has the feel of a year.

  2. Sounds delicious. I love my slow-cooker. Lately, I’ve brought my bread machine back out and have been luxuriating in the smell of freshly baked bread quite often.


  3. I love how much of a sense of home your story held from the rich senses you introduced from cooking, to spending time with family. Such a treat to read.

  4. That sounds delicious. I love the way you balance things that remain the same with things that change. I’m glad you checked up on the spring – I’m sure your mother-in-law appreciates your care.

  5. I used to slow cook rice and vegetables by wrapping the pot once it started boiling in a sleeping bag. Later I made a container so spills were minimized. But all that was long ago. Your haibun reminded me of it.

  6. My grandmother used to slow cook meat in a clay pot in the oven and your recipe reminded me of that. There is something very wholesome about slow cooking and it must be such a treat for your mother-in-law. Lovely to see Spring ‘laced in blossom’ :o)

  7. I admire people who can cook and freeze, then actually use what they freeze. If I try to do that I end up with freezer burnt food that gets thrown out. And I love how you worked the mother-in-law visit into this.

  8. The lasagna with bolognese sauce sounds hearty and comforting… a lovely meal to bring someone. Crockpots cook meat so tenderly, just like your story.

  9. My crockpot is my best friend in the kitchen, so I really identified with this, Bjorn. Sounds great. I’ve contributed something for your sweet tooth.

  10. Is a crockpot like a Römertopf or more like a pressure cooker? I was imagining how the smell of the sauce must permeate the house. I must try slow cooking!

  11. I love how your routine is fixed but the food and seasons changes with each visit ~ I have not tried cooking the sauce from crockpot and even making the pasta from fresh eggs and flour ~ Good work here Bjorn ~ Delicious challenge ~

  12. I love the routine you have set up with your mother-in-law; she must appreciate the dear gesture and look forward to it each time. Delightful prose and haiku!

  13. Seasons are the best seasoning for life. Kim, More romertopf, less pressure cooker, but neither, really, it’s a ceramic vessel that sits in an electric heating element. I too picked lasagna for this, my mother would often make it as my birthday dinner. Bjorn, this is such a delightful layering of words, thank you.

  14. So much flavor in this! My mom used to make her own spaghetti sauce and let it sit over night in a slow cooker. Maybe I should’ve used that idea as I think I missed the mark on this prompt. We also like to do boneless pork chops in the slow cooker to make pulled pork sandwiches.

  15. I love the connection… however subtle… between your recipe piece and the haiku! I also would like to be invited for dinner some time. 🙂

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