Save the wrecked

This poem is a pledge for sanity,
a wishbone sacrifice,
a hymn to truth,
a ledge of safety,
a time to rest before we face divides.
That’s why I read the news,
that’s why it matters that I think.
This poem is a trust that
still it’s time to turn the tide
and save the wrecked.

Shipwreck by Ivan Aivazovsky

Today it’s OLN at dVerse, any one poem is welcome.

May 4, 2017

28 responses to “Save the wrecked

  1. I like the title of this poem. It gives it a different meaning than the picture implies. It’s not just about picking up the wreckage, it about saving those who are damaged and trying to change things. Nice work. 🙂

  2. Indeed, these are depressing times. My depression almost kept me from reporting to work today. I’m relieved that people like you still exist.

  3. Sigh…..just 3 more days of rainy weather. Just need to hold on, before the sun comes out, again.

  4. Hope and dogged optimism. That’s the ticket. My mom is not doing well and so have detatched from the world. I am clueless but we still have the hungry and homeless, the families of the murdered ones lfrt behind. Yes. Let’s save the wrecked.

  5. ‘still it’s time to turn the tide
    and save the wrecked’ – those who run the show do not seem to want to and we can only save ourselves and those who want to be saved

  6. Kindness, compassion, and helping hands–they cost each of us so little & go so far in raising the positive vibe all around us. Negativity, like evil, thrives in the shadows of furrowed brows; a smile trumps the darkness. Nice plea & poem, brother.

  7. I can only hope for a better tomorrow ~ Read and be informed and hope for the best ~ Have a good night Bjorn ~

  8. I understand and do wish we (as humans) thought more and gave gratitude for this life on Earth, found time to look for our similarities instead of dwelling on our differences and lived life for the joy of it.
    (I love the ‘wishbone sacrifice’ too.)
    Anna :o]

  9. yes, I sometimes wonder if it’s too late to avoid the rocks, or if there is yet time to correct the course of the ship…of course, it’s up to each one of us to do right, and hope that we can be a beacon that causes others to choose to do right too.

  10. These are strange days … people voting for changes that will take away from – rather than enhance – the quality of their lives. It does matter that people ‘think’. Clearly there is not enough of that going on in this world.

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