Atropine eyes

The sunshine of spring are
like bullets bombarding my atropine eyes.
Not like before the lullaby waves of the light
brushing my shore,
No longer it harbingers spring
and the bursting of buds,
but harsh like the snipers of war
or pricking the boils of a pestilent skin.
If April is cruel then May must be worse
when light is a warzone
bombarding with bullets my atropine eyes,
no bring on the nightshade
when bullets are sparse.

Atropa Belladonna

For my own prompt on particle-wave duality at toads I thought about the bullet like effect of light, now when I have to use atropine drops in my eye making it extra sensitive to light. I’m also linking to Poetry Pantry.

April 30, 2017

37 responses to “Atropine eyes

  1. I hope things are improving, Bjorn, and your eyes aren’t hurting too much.
    I like the way you have turned your own experience into a poem prompted by physics! That’s a great simile:
    ‘like bullets bombarding my atropine eyes’
    and I love the lines:
    ‘Not like before the lullaby waves of the light
    brushing my shore’,

  2. Succulent as usual, Bjorn. I like ‘lullaby waves’ and the nod in the direction of T S Eliot (April is cruel). I have known light sensitivity via migraine. I’m envisioning for you and at you, those bullets becoming soft lullaby waves as I write. I like the particle/wave thing, too – an oxymoron that is, oxymoronically, true.

  3. The sunshine of spring are
    like bullets bombarding my atropine eyes.

    Been through these following Hank’s cataract operations on both eyes. Could be quite a bother. Could be a lot worse than just drops, perhaps!


  4. interesting link to nightshades in the poem…do not seek comfort there 😉
    ps…my poem did not format so it is re-edited…something there that you could not see first pass.

  5. Atrophine! What a word. Such an unusual comparison between the light and bullets – it is most effective.

  6. Wonderful imagery Björn, but terrible to imagine as your current state of daily life. I hope you will soon be able to move past this atropine phase and that your eye will continue to heal well.

  7. I’m glad you can get both poetry and laughter from your optical discomfort!

  8. I never thought of it like that. Bombs of color going off. Are you allergic?

  9. It is good that your still have your “vision” to see beyond what the eyes see. Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending healing vibrations your way.

  10. Terrific imagery here, Bjorn 🙂 especially love; “the lullaby waves of the light” hope you are recovering quickly ❤️ thank you for the challenging prompt 🙂

  11. As someone who suffers daily, from photosensitive, you have my blessings for a quick and relatively painless recovery, Bjorn. And yes, your imagery is dead on, how light can be like bullets, to our eyes.

  12. Having just had cataract surgery, I can somewhat identify. May your bullets become soft lullaby waves soon! In the interim, be handsome and mysterious in your tinted lenses!

  13. I see why you chose this theme now Bjorn -a remarkable prompt for poetry and lovely wavy lines here:
    “the lullaby waves of the light
    brushing my shore,”
    p.s. if only this had happened to you in winter – to think that Victorian women used these drops to make their eyes more startlingly beautiful

  14. Jung wrote about a sense of this in the theory of enantiodromia, when things become so extreme they become their other. Sight is blindness, light is darkness. Does the particular irritate what the general soothes? We’ll see through your poems. Thanks for the challenge!

  15. Bjorn, wow, I could really relate to this, being someone who has a lot of eye problems. Atropine, what a great word. I’m envious of your use of it here 🙂 I hope your eyes are on the mend… gotta take good care of them, I know you are. Be well. Yay for April! Let’s keep writing. M.

  16. I have come to an age where many of those things of life that once delighted: light, rolling hills, gently rain … now, often, have the potential to become a ‘warzone’, so I, very much, related to this piece. Hope your recovery is swift.

  17. Did you have a choice of medications? Were you apprised of the risks of this medication? Did you read the package insert? Just wondering, Google thinks it is a bad medication. Are you still on it?
    Note: When I first read this I was thinking it was a fictitious character, but a doubt came in, I don’t really know what triggered it, that this WAS actually you. HANG IN THERE AND STAY SMART.
    Oh yes, thanks for this nice prompt. I do believe the wave has TINY PARTICLES, CHARGED ELECTRONS, AND THEY thus can be treated mathematically as particles but they don’t have the physical characteristics of particles.

    • It has been in the last ten or fifteen years that we have figured out that wave energy from power lines and antennas can cause damage to human, depending on the strength and wavelength. Microwave ovens cook using wave energy. They use a magnetron as do radars.

  18. I feel that you’ve conveyed your painful eyes into the imagery of words so well. I do hope you have permanent releif soon.

  19. The sunshine of spring are
    like bullets bombarding my atropine eyes….such expressive lines, they speak to me a lot (My eyes are photo sensitive)

    the duality so simply told, that’s great! Get well soon!

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