Prostitution limericks

A courtesan from the streets of Beijing
was tutored and cultured to sing
but trying her luck
she still had to f**k
her teachers for making a living.

In York a madam named Ellen
was trading in “bushes and melons”
but not selling caprice
to a wanton police
closed her shop and made her a felon.

There once was a man from Kilkenny
who one night met a lady named Jenny
for her he was keen
but she wasn’t green
so with a smile he spent every penny.

Prostitute — Girl With Red Bow by Otto Dix

Today we have limericks at dVerse. Frank is hosting and you are free to do it as you want.

April 27, 2017

28 responses to “Prostitution limericks

  1. Ha. You’re a riot. My favorite parts are the endings of the first and third stanzas, and “trading in ‘bushes and melons’.” Very funny.

    P.S. That picture is hideous. 😛

  2. The Limerick is probably my favorite set form of poetry. So tempting and easy! to write naughty ones… 😮 I make it a point to steer clear, but I chuckled at yours. They’re the first I’ve seen, so tickled to hear it’s at dVerse today! 😀

  3. You excel in the naughty aspects of limericks–much to our enjoyment, Limericks were perhaps the first poetry I encountered, & I wrote some whoppers at 12 years old.

  4. Well, I’m right properly shocked. And here I restrained from using my favorite naughty about the days of old when knights were bold… The limericks are hilarious, the photo disgusting.

  5. I’m hopeless at limericks. I can’t seem to go in a bawdy direction and I know that is, pretty much, a requirement … a requirement that, I have to say, you’ve nailed, here. Smiles.

  6. Great limericks, Björn! But my biggest laugh came when I read the name of the artist below the painting. Surely there is a poem awaiting there.

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