Solace is a red balloon

He was six and got
a red balloon;
his sister got a blue.

A day in spring when
… the wind
sneaked up behind
and stole
her blue balloon.

And crying
he gave up
his red balloon to let
it join his sister’s
… blue(s).

Girl with balloon by Banksy

Today it’s quadrille at dVerse, and De wants us to write poetry using the word balloon in a poem with 44 words. The poem is based on a true story, and I actually did release my balloon after my sister’s balloon. I still remember our two balloons leaving for the sky.
March 27, 2017

46 responses to “Solace is a red balloon

  1. B, this is just the sweetest. As a child, I always begged for a balloon, only to release it. My mom would get so frustrated, until (she says) one day she watched ME, watching it float away. She realized I probably got more joy out of watching that balloon fly than most kids got keeping theirs. 😉

  2. This is so touching, Bjorn, so loving. My first balloon memory is of a balloon whisked away by the wind. One of my first personal experiences of loss, perhaps. But no sweet brother to ameliorate it.

  3. Fantastic–truth being stronger than fiction. This moment you have shared is incredible, piercing the gray of my day with the last image of two balloons floating to Norway.

  4. Oh my.. first, I’m glad to find we were inspired by Banksy’s work in different ways Bjorn. Your poem that goes with it is heartfelt and full of love.

  5. That is a cute story. It reminds me of what my own kids will do for each other to show their love (when they’re not fighting, of course)

  6. There really is something so heartbreaking for a child to lose their balloon. This is such a beautiful poem, and the fact that it’s based on true events is quite lovely. I also love that you used the Balloon Girl piece by Banksy. It is one of my favorite.

  7. Heart whelming poem!
    U can check mine too and if u wish feel free to follow back.

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