Spell him sick

Wave my wand, to play him tricks,
wither prick and make him sick.
Let him puke and spook him stiff,

Wave my wand, my heart is black
Then burn his torso, break his back.
Let him bleed and knead him wrecked.

Wave my wand, I love his scream
slither snakes into his dreams.
Let him fear me, darkness queen.

Wave my wand and still my heart
he left me for a D-cup tart.

Witch going to the Sabbath by Remedios Varo

Witch going to the Sabbath by Remedios Varo

Today I play some magic for toads, originally an old prompt on magic and wordcounts with Mama Zen. I will also link up my spell with Poetry Pantry.

March 4,, 2017

29 responses to “Spell him sick

  1. Yikes! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.. 😉 I particularly liked “Wave my wand, I love his scream, slither snakes into his dreams. Let him fear me, darkness queen.” Beautifully executed.

  2. Oh yes, Bjorg. One woman can’t get much more p**ed. Here in Texas (Houston especially) she runs him over with her Mercedes.

  3. You have knocked my socks off with your voodoo, Bjorn! Not only that , I love your witchy darkness queen persona and her vivid vengeance in the line:’wither prick and make him sick’..

  4. I am laughing so hard, my Piano Man came to see everything was all right. This is that good, Bjorn. Love the rhythm of the chant, the furious vividness of the imagery, and the hysterical ending.

  5. Hahaha! I don’t usually laugh at any hint of cruelty, but this is so clever–and I thought it was about DT–so the last line was total surprise. Skillfully done.

  6. Hahaha! The bathos of the final lines is priceless! What a wonderful witchy incantation.

  7. The though of these words alone probably had him quivering with fear. However the levity at the end was worth it…for us.

  8. It reads as such a wretched and wicked incantation, and then we get to that last delectable line. So wrong and yet so perfect – you rascal you!

  9. This is simply delightful. I can hear the speaker cackling with glee at the evil about to be unleashed.

  10. Really love the words you weaved, and laughed outloud at that last stanza. I’m sending this to my girlfriends.

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