Her silver lining

You can call it gloom or darkness, but when Colton left her at the altar Elsinore named depression twilight. She hated daylight and craved for clouds. There were days when she almost left her mother’s home, but mostly she just lingered in her room. Her mother fed her, washed her, brought her news. But Elsinore just mourned.

“Maybe he forgot the time,” her mother said.
Elsinore just shrugged.
“… maybe he ran out of gas,”
Elsinore stayed silent.
“Or maybe he was murdered.”
Elsinore smiled for the first time in weeks and said:
“Could we go shopping for a headstone then?”

Of course the first thing I saw in the image was the silver lining in the image, and that’s all that I took from the wonderful image. At the end I think my story could be classified as black humor.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of authors and bloggers who write stories each week. Rochelle provide the picture and sets the standard.

March 1, 2017

79 responses to “Her silver lining

  1. Blackest of blacks! Love that, the way you have her hopeless then smiling at the tohught of his murdered corpse! Wonderful pacing and tone, Bjorn. Perfect

  2. Turn and turn about, with a nice twist to finish. Made me think about how I structure stories.

  3. So much less insulting to be stood up at the alter when the cause is death… I don’t blame her for choosing that one! This was great, Björn!
    (By the way, methinks forget should be forgot, as the other two possibilities are in the past…)

  4. Ah, I remember break-ups where thoughts of the demise of an ex did seem like a delightful silver lining. What a terrific mom.

  5. I bet she’s murdered him so often in her thoughts that she wouldn’t even grieve if his death turned out to be the truth. He better not come anwhere near her in the future. Great twist, I love it.

  6. The line “Elsinore named depression twilight” really struck me and made me feel her depression, a world where you are not comfortable anywhere or any time. Nice dark twist at the end made me smile.

  7. They say an execution bullet costs the State $0.35. Well, I sent the State a whole dollar along with a note that said to keep the change after they got rid of my ex who made my life a living hell for over a decade. After he was executed and buried, I laid a dead rose he’d given me on our first date on his grave. Seriously.

  8. A wonderful piece of black humour here. I hope she finds an apt epitaph to engrave on his headstone. Perhaps Mum murdered him, because she didn’t approve! Although, I wonder if Michael is right, that Elsinore knows something. Her smile is a bit unnerving, to say the least.

  9. Poor Elsinore. Well, she should be aware there are more fish in the sea, but, then again, maybe some of those guys really ARE sleeping with the fishes. Nice story, Bjorn!

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