How confidence can crumble

I miss the days when girls
would giggle in my presence
as I flushed, embarrassed;
I miss how my intestines wriggled;
when mortified I searched.
for pimples, or an open fly.
I stumbled, hid and wondered
how easily (and why)
a confidence can crumble.

Field Of Spring Wheat At Sunrise by Vincent van Gogh

Field Of Spring Wheat At Sunrise by Vincent van Gogh

Today it’s time for a Quadrille again at dVerse. It’s hosted by De and the word is giggle. If you want to join the pub opens at 9 PM CET and your poem has to b 44 word including giggle.

February 26, 2017

40 responses to “How confidence can crumble

  1. I lke your take on this. I also veered way off center with mine as well. I had a friend who was just like you. I’d always poke him in the side so he would calm down.

  2. Butterflies in the tummy, or nervous knots,
    This is sweet and brings back memories. Back then I didn’t know a girl’s power yet. If I knew what we could do to a guy I might have tried harder..

  3. I like this real tale of adolescent confusion…teen giggles can be so ambiguous…and whether intended or not I like the sound of your internal rhymes (my, fly, I, why). The artwork grounds it all…very nice 🙂

  4. I read this as if the speaker is also a girl, nervous around the other girls in the bathroom. I think “confidence” refers to a secret shared, or a trust, that doesn’t feel protected anymore. I think she knows she’s alone, while they have each other.

  5. Love your words, but don’t miss those days Björn. Your words brought back memories of teenage years full of angst.
    I am grateful for your clue and have been busy scribing – can’t wait for the bar to open tonight!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  6. Such naked introspection; once on a Junior High school bus, two girls asked me if I thought of them when I “jerked off”–I tried red, but later dug it.

  7. Love this, B. The internal rhyme is wonderful. My kids are at this age now, and I was just commenting last night that it seems so much less awkward than I remember it. I think awkward might have been better. 😉

  8. Oh I love this! I too was faced with teen problems incessant blushing with guys and girls betting (earning money on my expense too) 😛

  9. Yes, the bashful and the shy can easily be demolished by a giggle. I tend to giggle when I’m worried or scared, and my intestines wriggle. You’ve conveyed it so well,.Björn, I want to pat that pimply boy on the arm and tell him it’ll all be fine.

  10. Ah, puberty, nothing like it, to build and tear down one’s confidence, especially, when one gets to experience it, for the second time, when transitioning, from one gender to another. Least, you do have a horde of butterflies inside of you, Bjorn, like I do.

  11. Oh those teenage years when everything was to the nth degree. Yes, those giggles can cut through confidence, like a hot blade through butter.

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