Bike and water

I bicycle across the frozen lake on my way to work. It’s almost six kilometer shorter than the path around. A gift of winter and a road for free. A benefit to keep me fit, and giving back I save a bit of fossil fuel when I parked my car. It’s often such, a tit for tat, I get a gift from nature and in return I minimize my footprints. There is something to be taught from the best of deals when everybody wins, a free for all, extended hands and smiles exchanged. Maybe I will never get my lunch for free, but there is also joy in giving. I arrive at work and park my bicycle and hope to be a better man.

grey inside the grey —
rain clouds seen reflected
mirror of the ice

Thaw 2 by Anne Appleby

Thaw 2 by Anne Appleby

Today Toni wants us to write a haibun on dVerse on the theme of “The best thing in life are free”. Come join the fun.

February 20, 2017

20 responses to “Bike and water

  1. I love how you tit for tat – a free bike road, minimizing your footprint, getting fit….yes indeed. The best things in life are free. I truly enjoyed this. Thank you. Imagine, bicycling on a lake! Only in Sweden.

  2. I love that haiku. We’ve just come back from Germany, where we slipped and slid on frozen canals. The ice really does hold clouds. And I like the idea that we not only receive, we can also give.

  3. I salute you for taking the bike and minimizing your use of roads and oil footprint ~ Keeps one refreshed and balanced too ~ I believe in nature’s healing ~

    Grey inside the grey – I love this ~

  4. I like the idea of getting “a gift from nature and in return I minimize my footprints”. Although I have walked on frozen parts of a lake when I see people ice fishing there and know the ice must be thick enough, I have never taken a bike on the lake.

  5. The idea of biking across a lake totally captures me. If you were in my part of the world, given our unseasonal warm temps, you might be cycling on thin ice! I love your environmental thoughts…and you ARE a better man!

  6. Snap! We’ve both written about water, Björn! Only you are much more energetic than I am – and I’d never cycle across a frozen lake in the UK – it’s not cold enough – but it looks heavenly..I love the haiku – ‘grey inside the grey’.

  7. So honest and candid. I think the world is so ugly for me at the moment, that your “I want to be a better man” sentence, together with the rest of them, made me cry.

  8. Superb. There is actually a hidden analogy between the crisp, shortened journey across the ice and the taut, clean writing style of haibun (in general), which does not drip with over sentimentalised burden.
    The environmental interplay in the haibun fits tge vdry ethos of haibun so well. I like the theme so much and it made me proud to be ‘European’ where I feel such concerns are perhaps taken more seriously than elsewhere.
    Thank you.

  9. Tit for tat, indeed!! The theme in your haibun reminds me of that of Suzanne’s…respecting nature. I love that image of riding on the ice. I used to love skating on the river behind our house especially under a full moon…free pleasures.

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