Another name for friends

You can always get what you want
if you’re prepared to break the eggs
for omelet or silence pens with lies.

Cause sword is might, and wrongs
makes right, on your one-man island.
Throwing glasses breaks the stones.

You can keep us closer, cause friends
is just another name for enemies
as newspeak scissor tongues.

Magaly wants us to change proverbs and use in a new poem at toads. I missed last weeks flash 55 with a touch of Orwell, so I thought I’d combine the two. I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

February 11, 2017

31 responses to “Another name for friends

  1. Oh, Bjorn, this feast of imagery and use of language does all sorts of wonderful things to my brain. I love that your entire poem is composed of axioms and 1984 delight. And your last stanza is a killer.

  2. Well, Bjorn, this definitely reminds me of the current political situation in my country. Sword definitely seems to be might….and wrongs make right, or let’s say wrongs don’t seem to matter any more in this age of ‘fake news.’ I hear the marching of boots!

  3. This poem reminds me of all that’s happening in America right now. I hope ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ will eventually prevail, rather than ‘sword is might’. It’s sad that Trump thinks only wrong can right a wrong. I hope America comes around.

  4. There’s more than just a touch of Orwell here. If we can’t tell our enemies from our friends, then we are in deep, deep trouble.

  5. Cause sword is might, and wrongs
    makes right, on your one-man island.

    The run of things on one’s property is one to decide. No one else needs to bother.


  6. Brilliant. I am thinking of our current president and his attempt to keep us close with his glass shards of tweets. I hope we stay strong.

  7. Bravo! Love “newspeak scissor tongue” and also thought of newspeak fork tongue lies.

  8. I love this: “You can always get what you want
    if you’re prepared to break the eggs
    for omelet”—it is very profound 🙂

  9. Indeed, this a a fitting piece to nail the political tribulations of the day upon. I thought that incorporating old tried-and-true maxims – that you have tweaked – was especially effective, as those kind of sayings really speak to the american grassroots hardworker ethos – the abandoned deplorables – that are currently turning American values upside down.

  10. I should count the proverbs you’ve used in your mix and match medley here. It must have been fun writing, it was fun reading. Thank you.

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