Between a rock and a hard place

“Delays, delays.why is everything put on ice?”

At 3AM the President’s voice echoed through empty corridors. Face distorted; no longer orange; lighthouse puce.

Footsteps rushing behind.

‘Sir, I thought you were asleep.’

‘I need my phone, I need to tweet.’

‘Sir, your phone needed a security upgrade.’

The senior adviser knew that he was treading on thin ice.

After the news had broken he had confiscated the device in the interest of national security.



Frustrated the president roared.

‘Give me the codes!’

Relieved the adviser smiled. Sometimes a third world war can be the least harmful option.

Joining a little later than normally This prompt inspired me to use a few sayings regarding ice.

Friday Fictioneers is a blogging community where we write fiction in hundred words or so. Every week Rochelle selects an image and we all gather to write for this.

February 9, 2017

47 responses to “Between a rock and a hard place

  1. Ha ha ha. That ending is hilarious. 🙂

    You know that I’m tired of reading poems knocking the President. But I do like this phrase: “lighthouse puce.”

    That’s one of my favorite of Rochelle’s images. Really cool. I could see lots of stories coming out of this.

    P.S. I guess he gets ice from everyone because they don’t trust him. But maybe he deserves a chance to prove that he loves his country. What do you think?

  2. I love this piece of writing, because it kept me on edge. It is comical, at moments, that a certain alluded to person can make me fret even in writing, and even though I do not live under his rule.
    I love the latin equivalent to the proverb, your title.

  3. I find myself getting tense around 2.00pm every day. That’s when I know the orange one has probably just arrived at the office. I liked your topical take on the prompt.

  4. It might be more advisable to get him to compete at FF than tweeting or playing with codes. 😨

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