The naked emperor

The wall is pitiless,
a desert anarchy,
a ceremony of waste.
Let’s not be innocent,
let’s not pretend
it’s not about the country,
it’s not a holy monument.
It’s just an artifice
to hide a naked emperor.


Kerry gives us a hole list of words at toads, and this is what it led to for me.

January 27, 2017

16 responses to “The naked emperor

  1. I like this, Bjorn. His presidency is all for him. He presses buttons that people like rubbed, appeases with quack medicine I don’t think we need the wall.
    Really though, I am an open border person.

  2. It’s just an artifice
    to hide a naked emperor.

    This has relevance on present day politics. We are just wondering on will happen post-Jan 20th! A lot had been said but the consequences would only be known after some time!


  3. Oh how nicely this farce of The Emporer’s New Clothes has resurfaced. I had forgotten about about that fable. A cunning allegory Björn ☺

    Much love…

  4. The repetition you’ve used here, gives this familiar tale a wonderful lilting cadence. It’s pithy clarity charmingly makes the case for: less is more.

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