Caesura and a sigh

The aged librarian is the caesura
in a reading when we
still are silent, waiting
to applaud.

We glance sideways,
shuffle feet,
explore the lint on threadbare cloth.
And we exhale, relieved
we sigh
when with a nasal voice it starts again.

The aged librarian is a shadow
of that sigh.

Pause by Bridget Riley

Pause by Bridget Riley

Stacie asks us to write on metaphors at toads, and whenever I starts to write I think of my aged librarian who is in himself a metaphor but could be described with a metaphor.

January 20, 2017

10 responses to “Caesura and a sigh

  1. “And we exhale, relieved
    we sigh”

    In the shadow of wisdom there the exhaled breath creates new wishes

    thanks for dropping by to read mine Bjorn

    much love…

  2. I would like to visit this library, Bjorn. Librarians interest me but I really don’t know any very well. I have been trying to visualize what the “shadow of a sigh” might entail. I don’t visualize very well but I do think I can ‘see’ a shallow, weak, sigh that an very old person might be capable of doing.

  3. Bjorn, thank you for participating and sharing. Your poem has a musicality to it, as if the librarian is breathing and resting in the spaces of her books – indeed, like a musician playing an instrument, she reads her pages as she ages…beautiful metaphor.

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