Departure time

He wore sunglasses. Suit but no tie. The pub was empty and he approached the two men in the corner.

‘You can call me Ulsterman’

Gordon extended his hand to greet. Smiled.

‘Can I get you anything?’

Ulsterman shook his head, but sat down.

‘I have your departure-time.’

Gordon glanced at Buster who seemed more interested stirring his stale ale. A persistent fly bounced on the grimy window. The men stayed silent. Waited

Until Buster broke:

‘Five percent’

Ulsterman picked lint from his jacket. Sighed.
Postal Service should have paid him better.

‘August Seven, 6:50 pm, departing for London’.

Honoring C.E. and Scotland I have taken the liberty trying to recreated the scene from The Great Trainrobbery. The Ulsterman was the nickname used for the mole that leaked information to the robbers on when there would be a substantial amount of money being transported.

Friday Fictioeneers is a blogging community where we tell stories in 100 words under chief Rochelle who sees to that trains depart on schedule. Wednesday being the new Friday.

January 11, 2017

27 responses to “Departure time

  1. Thanks for the honour, Bjorn, although I admit I did not get it until your explanation.
    I was never quite comfortable with the ‘Robin Hood’ description of the thugs involved, given that they brutally assaulted the train driver and other workers.

  2. Great first line, it drew me in. The persistent fly was a fantastic detail to add.

  3. Way cool inspiration, Bjorn! Of course, the movie, The Great Train Robbery, was the first, I think, film to actually tell a story and was remade some decades later. The atmosphere and the dialogue all made me think of an agent type story. Awesome!

  4. I really enjoyed this one, Björn. You did a wonderful job of setting a scene that feels mysterious and thrilling, and makes me want to hear more. The fly bouncing off the window, the feel of the train announcements… great!

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