On Lucifer’s slipstream

X-rayed by your razor eyes,
bass-beat baseline, glockenspieled,
curse me blind with whimpered cries.
I bend before you girl, raw and tender, peeled
I feel you, come and hang with me.
OK touch me. rainbow me, you got me gal.
Sweet sweat, I’m dirty I’m your ugly guy.
Deaf to gravity, lead me, dance me catlike
Grievous angel, there’s a prize
for roots of mountains, skies and Thomas Pynchon.
Oh, weight of pen to write, there are swallows
I’m your angel, come with me and follow
upward, onward, leave this empty room.
Cause the higher we fly the longer my fall.
Gravity is crucial for the human race
but all I think about is you, angelic trace.


Lucifer by Franz Stuck

Today we revisit old prompts at toads. My choice was be inspired by the music of Laurie Anderson, my choice was Gravity’s angel. I’m not sure I understood it the way it was meant, but on the other hand I do not fully understand but gravity’s angel had me thinking of Lucifer.

LAURIE ANDERSON GRAVITYS ANGEL from parnas pegasov on Vimeo.

I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

January  7, 2017


27 responses to “On Lucifer’s slipstream

  1. This reads like a punch in the face that knocks out a few of your teeth, but you still like it. Does that make any sense? I really like the richness of imagery, the allusion (especially after reading your note) and the flow of the words. Powerful and intriguing.

  2. I like that the “OK” could actually mean “Oklahoma-touch-me.” Which means you’re talking to Mama Zen. 🙂 If anyone could elicit this type of poem, it’d be her.

  3. I don’t think the source of the inspiration really matters any more, as it seems to me you have transcended it/them in writing this amazing poem.

  4. This is awe-inspiring, Bjorn. The notion of ‘gravity’s angel’ inspires in its contradiction and you have worked the paradox extremely well. I also enjoyed the occasional slant rhymes and end rhymes which lend a musicality which is not fixed in place. Coincidentally, I was reading Pynchon last night so that line seemed like serendipity.
    I love everything about the poem, and the art is perfectly chosen too.

  5. I particularly loved ‘rainbow me’ – he looks bored and sometimes boredom leads us on dangerous flights.. hopefully the landing is always better than the fall

  6. kaykuala

    Gravity is crucial for the human race
    but all I think about is you, angelic trace.

    It’s settled then with not much more efforts. The thought of an angelic moment was the motivation!


  7. “curse me blind with whimpered cries.”

    yours is an invitation to be teased, not to be appeased, for the name of deception is invoked into your miasma,

    much love…

  8. “Gravity is crucial for the human race” – brilliant line, especially against the angel backdrop and your lucifer interpretation. Indeed, gravity is a key component of humanity itself from a literary or biblical standpoint… grounded as we are. nice

  9. Grip, grunt, growl, grind, gravity pulls us into each other. I read it as very hot (not lucifer hot) and other worldly.

  10. the rhymes in this work is what that struck me most, shook me up, falling along with the imagery.
    such a pleasure to read. oh man!

  11. To be unmasked—X-rayed—by someone else’s eyes is a most unnerving experience.

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