The magi left behind

He had heard about a star
but had drawn the blinds,
cause only candle lights could kiss
the pages of his precious books.

The aged librarian is deaf to every carol sung
he cannot hear the voice of children
or sense the warmth of mass,
but still his fingertips can touch each poem
spilling nebulae.

Maybe he’s the magi
who never crossed the desert.
Maybe he’s lost in monotony of meter,
adrift in syllables of sonnets broken.
He doesn’t care for frankincense or myrrh,
but lose himself in the folly being wise.

He had heard about a star
but never faced horizons beyond his books,
and only when his shadow falls on pages
he might realize that behind him
starlight is for real.


Man reading by Georges Lemmen

I collaborate with Gillena at toads by using her last line as my first. It felt natural to bring you another perspective for the aged librarian.

Merry Christmas.


16 responses to “The magi left behind

  1. Oh dear. He sounds like Scrooge. Before the 👻 ghostly apparitions. I’m anticipating more happening here before the 🎄 Christmas hour

    Merry Christmas Björn. Thanks for linking a poem

    Much love…

  2. but lose himself in the folly being wise

    A classic phrase cleverly written Bjorn! Merry Christmas to you and happy hols!


  3. Although it is sad our librarian has not seen a star, I do like the idea of poems as constellations.

  4. How clever! The magi who missed out. This is a good reminder to me of where my eyes belong.

    I think something happened to him to make him want to block out so much. I’m imagining him having lost a wife and/or child.

    The first two stanzas are my favorites. Love that “spilling nebulae.”

    The folly of being wise … Wow. That’s profound.

  5. Never faced horizons beyond his books….sad indeed! Hope you had a good Christmas Day yesterday, and enjoy the rest of the festive season, Björn

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