Sharing Dinner

Saturday night; I meet Mike at closing time.

She wears slippers, badge says Lucy, but we know her name is Kate. Her blouse is neat as always, grey hair pony-tailed.

Pouting she eyelashes us, notebook in hand:

“What y’a have today boys?”

Mike seems to hesitate, but after a just moment he sighs:

“What’s the special for today?”

“Hash and Sausage; cooked for two.”

“My place or your place?” I blurt.

We laugh and as every weekend for thirty years, we lock the vacant diner and leave together for our menage a trois. Tonight it’s Mike’s turn to sleep alone.

I wanted to do something less grisly this week and the picture was perfect for me to do something a bit nostalgic and sweet. I’m curios how this rather different way of telling a story of sorts worked.

Rochelle, waits our tables with a new picture every week and we try our best to write something new in hundred words.

December 21, 2016

53 responses to “Sharing Dinner

  1. Ho-ly CRAP you caught me off-guard! I know “sharing is caring” but THIS isn’t exactly according to Hoyle. That ending really was a good one, though. Concentrated everything in a short sentence.

  2. Very off beat take on prompt. Simply loved the staccato manner of delivery. Speaking of which the three seem to be delivering somehting special to have lasted this long. Great stylised writing.

  3. It makes me think there’s more to this, other layers. Nothing is that simple. Who washes the clothes and dishes and cleans the place? Will they all three go to the nursing home together in another twenty years? I know, I know it’s just a story but at my age, I think of those things. Good writing, Bjorn. 😀 — Suzanne

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