I almost found a treasure

I almost found a treasure once —
With veins of gold —
The wind was soft, and sun was cosy —
We were not old —

I aged — and sold my broken shovel,
The gilt was lead —
And now, with memories metallic
I’m almost dead —

Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt

Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt

Today we do poetic “covers” with Bryan Ens who is guest prompting at dVerse. You can cover in any way you want, style, word or doing a cento or a glosa. I tried my hand in covering Emily Dickinson’s “I held a Jewel in my fingers”. I’m not quite satisfied, but hey a cover is often inferior to the original.

November 29

14 responses to “I almost found a treasure

  1. I think that you really captured the spirit of Dickinson’s work. Both contain hope/promise in the first stanza, and regret/pain in the second. Nicely covered!

  2. You echoed Emily’s style with dashes and short alternating verses ~

    I admire the contrast of the veins of gold to gilt was lead ~

  3. Emily indeedy here, the gait and pauses — and “memories metallic” is a very ripe evolution of both the treasure-digger’s shovel and the glint of yearned for gold.

  4. Yours is a beautiful poem in its own right, and honouring hers – which is also a beautiful poem.

  5. Brilliant …. loved the poem, it stands out and yet have the same kind of feeling…the painting shows a similar feeling..!

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