Morphism of my moduli

Derive a morphism from the finite field,
project it, come extract it.
Let it dwell embedded
in momentum of Euclidean space.
Let us open manifolds, let
curvatures, extend derivative of algebra,
come classify my moduli.

The swallow's tail by Salvador Dali

The swallow’s tail by Salvador Dali

So mashup of Mathematical language for a dear friend of mine. Linking up to Tuesday Platform at toads.

15 responses to “Morphism of my moduli

  1. Now you’ve got me reading about string theory and such.

    “In quantum field theories, the possible vacua are usually labelled by the vacuum expectation values of scalar fields, as Lorentz invariance forces the vacuum expectation values of any higher spin fields to vanish.”

  2. This poem of yours Bjorn, comes at a funny time for me. Just yesterday my friend had a soliciting text made in mathematical language. Both me and him being not so good at mathematics, struggled to come up with an answer. Your poem would be perfect for it!
    And the whole event really influences how I see your poem now, as an invitation to laughter, community, creation.

  3. math and science is this? Ugh – makes me want to run away screaming – I have six children and I hire tutors for them as I am way out of my depth. But your words (if I don’t have to comprehend them) sound beautiful. 🙂

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