Under siege

Turrets and bulwarks,
build a wall and dig a moat.
pull the drawbridge,
put your trust in
razorwire, guns and ammo.

Have you seen the windmill over there?
Is that a Trojan horse?
They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing
But better safe than sound,
just throw them out
or shoot before you ask.
Our safety demands a sacrifice
from someone (all of us)
but mostly them
we call collateral.

If bread is scarce
let them eat cakes instead,
we’re under siege
but still we’re safe
defended by our fence.
Adorn it with the best of gold
we love you, sacred wall.

A bit later this week. Yesterday I was trapped in flights from Helsinki to Stockholm, which is weatherlocked by huge amounts of snow. A poem this week that you can interpret as you want. Certainly I see it in quixotic terms. To see enemies in all we

Friday Fictioeners is curated by General Commander Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and we write 100 weeks every week to the same picture.

November 10, 2016

59 responses to “Under siege

  1. I really liked this one. I especially liked the building of words–the scaffolding, if you will, of terms that describe defenses:
    “Turrets and bulwarks,
    build a wall and dig a moat.
    pull the drawbridge,
    put your trust in razorwire, guns and ammo.”
    This has a nice, strident and militaristic note. I think the only word missing is ‘Ramparts’. I always like a good rampart myself, especially if it is paired with the word ‘rampant.’ There is a very rat tat ta tat rhythm to the cadence too. Overall an awesome feast of poetic goose stepping!

  2. Like Iain, I couldn’t help but read this in light of current events. Powerful emotions running through it. Right now I can relate to the idea of attacking windmills.

  3. I love this line break: “put your trust in” (inside, in yourself)

    There’s a typo in this line: “ot shoot before you ask” … It should begin with “or.”

  4. Nice poem. I took it as a rebuke for us building walls and such to falsely feel safe. Almost like worshipping false idols.

  5. The militaristic beats here, the impending sense of doom and conflict, metaphorically reflects my emotions all week… powerful delivery, Björn. I choose to see it just the way you wrote and delivered it. Powerful!

  6. Tilting at windmills, eh? When we’re scared and feel threatened, it’s easy to see anything as dangerous, to want to strike first to protect ourselves. It’s the survival instinct kicking in I guess. Nicely ambiguous and dark, an exploration of instinct and the psychology of warfare. Great stuff

  7. I’m reminded of Robert Frost’s poem ‘Mending Wall’, and I’m hoping the world will come to its senses soon and start to work together instead of against each other. Wonderfully built images and ideas, Bjorn.

  8. There are those who prefer to stay walled off from the world. The problem is it’s not possible anymore. It’s more practical to try and get along with others. Your story seems a metaphor for the first way of thinking, Bjorn. Good writing. 🙂 — Suzanne

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