Ada Lovelace day

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
Lord Byron

Creating ways to clockwork
math. I left my work
to be decoded, by famous men
of later age,

I laid foundations
for decrypting, calculating, building
vessels reaching Mars.
For Turing, IBM and Google too.

I was born a Byron,
died a countess,
breastfed math, I grew to be
a scientist
today it’s Ada Lovelace day.

I saw poetry in science
and proved,
that women, mothers, me;
that you, my sisters too,
deserve your place
in science.

Ada Countess of Lovelace

Ada Countess of Lovelace

Walt want us to find something worth celebrating at dVerse, many examples of what this week might have. I searched around I found that today it’s Ada Lovelace day, a pioneering woman (the daughter of Lord Byron) who is sometimes referred to as the first computer programmer who essentially developed an algorithm for the first envisioned computer together with Charles Babbage. Her day, the second Tuesday of October is celebrated to encourage women and girls in science. Today is a day to see the women in technology.
October 11, 2016

27 responses to “Ada Lovelace day

  1. What a wonderful day it is! Women and girls need more encoragement to become interested in sciences and math instead of just “girlie” things, like Jane Austin clubs. I am so glad a woman had such a positive knfluence on you. I like the event you celebrated in this wonderful poem.

  2. This poem is wearing some very clever undergarments.

    “breastfed math” … That has to be one of my favorite poetic phrasings of all time.

    These are my other favorites:

    “to be decoded, by famous men
    of later age”

    “I laid foundations
    for decrypting”

    “I was born a Byron,
    died a countess” … This reminds me of a countess who killed people because she believed their blood on her skin made her look more youthful. … Elizabeth Bathory. That’s her name. The Blood Countess.

    “I grew to be”

    Oh, and this cracked me up to no end last night: “to be decODed” … You might be able to guess why, knowing my mind as you do.

    (I loved that movie when I was in college, by the way … A Clockwork Orange.)

  3. A stirring and strong tribute to the women in science Bjorn ~ Love this part:

    I was born a Byron,
    died a countess,
    breastfed math,

  4. You celebrated women & girls, & found a creative way to rock the prompt, but shame on me, the Lovelace I remember was a porn queen in the 60’s.

  5. I was just thinking that it’s a shame that Ada Lovelace Day and International Day for Girls should coincide – it would have been nice to celebrate each of these separately and thoroughly!

  6. Oh my Bjorn. Such grace and beauty abound here. I love so much about this: future prompts, tales of mathematical milk, byron dies a countess…and all to celebrate your sistas in science. Great work.

  7. Yay! We should all celebrate Ada! “Breastfed math” -fabulous, though I should point out that it’s “maths”. It’s only our transatlantic friends that have just one math.;)

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