Striations on the hallow stones

From graves below, in oak-tree’s shadow, hark!
A sudden stir in fall’s fermenting leaves;
and there from deep beyond a blood filled bark
from beasts and monsters, daggered thieves
who breed in graveyard ash, from broken bones,
and claw striations on the hallow stones.


Today it’s quadrille at dVerse, De hosts and have select the word shadow, which fits with some horror theme, that’s actually a whole month early. If you decide to participate don’t forget it’s 44 words exactly including the selected word. I wrote an English sestet with rhyme scheme ABABCC.

September 26, 2016

34 responses to “Striations on the hallow stones

  1. Quite a contrast to Stevenson”s poem! Nice and chilly. An excellent rread for a chilly night. I imagine in October you will be cranking up the volume! I love “fall’s fermenting leaves”.

  2. You shine in the aura of any quadrille, brother. I just get an idea & start writing, then trim it up at the 44 mark (even more restrictive than the old 55’s we all wrote a lot back in the day for Mr. Knowitall)–but here you go creating form, rhyme & meter–kudos to your creativity.
    I love the lines /daggered thieves/who breed in graveyard ash/.

  3. Whoa….this is chilling….I have a friend from Sweden living here in my neighborhood. He’s 6’5″ and we call him “The Swedish Axe Murderer”. He’s not, he’s a love of a man, but he evokes a sort of terror just by his scowls. This poem…quadrille does the same thing.

    Bravo!! It’s terse, tense but oh so good.

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