Plumage of words

Words are sometimes pillowed,
of eiderdown, uttered softly lulla-
bying for an almost drowning.

At other times they billow, soar
on feathered wings, brave you
into boldness asking for a yes

or no, like the tethered silence
in the rain-soaked plumage left
after strike from raptor’s claws.

Types of feathers

Types of feathers

Today Victoria hosts at dVerse, and want us to think about feathers in our poems. I thought of a few of the different feathers and how they can mean different when used for words. So bring out your quill and join us with your feather poem… Bar opens at 9 PM CST.

September 20, 2016

45 responses to “Plumage of words

  1. love the phrase, “softly lulla-/bying for an almost drowning”. There is that initial sense of peace, followed by the image of drowning (or at least almost drowning).

  2. Terrific wordsmithing, brother, with a wonderful juxtaposition of words & feathers, an inspired analogy for sure. Your transitions are artful as well. You done good.

  3. I really enjoyed this poem. Your wordsmithing is spot on, in total agreement with Glenn. I truly like how you used the feathers to deifine different types of words from soft to raptor sharp.

  4. Now that is a clever poem, considering humans once wrote with quills:
    ‘Words are sometimes pillowed,
    of eiderdown, uttered softly lulla-
    bying for an almost drowning’

    .I love the illustration too 🙂

  5. Wonderful take on the prompt. The phrase that stuck out for me was that words “brave you into boldness.” You have such an interesting way of putting words together, so different from how I do it, which is perhaps why I enjoy your poems so much.

  6. I like your use of feathers as words…yes, many meanings, some gentle, soft, comforting others harsh, rough and aggravating. I like how your brain works!

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